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For three decades, Marilyn Church has captured the likeness of judges, lawyers, witnesses, and the accused for the New York Times and all major TV news media including ABC-TV, CNN and AP.

In 2011 the Library of Congress collected 3,500 of her Courtroom drawings for their archives.
A large body of her work has been purchased by the Smithsonian.

The Art of Justice, her recently published book, features more than 100 full-color reproductions of her dramatic artwork of the most captivating trials
of our times.

Her drawings are in the collections of numerous renowned lawyers, law firms, and museums,
including Museum of TV and Radio, Museum of Natural History & Harvard Law School.

NY Press Club Art Award for the Jean Harris Trial.
TV Emmy for The John Lennon Story

Here’s what the country’s most prominent attorneys say about the drawings by Marilyn Church that they own.

“Marilyn Church is one this generation’s greatest courtroom sketch artists. Her work from several of my most memorable trials decorate the walls of my office. My professional life has been filled with great drama, and her drawings superbly captured this. Thank you, Marilyn.” Ben Brafman

NYTimes: THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: 3/26/06
In response to the question about his favorite artwork, David Boies refers to the Marilyn Church drawings he owns:
“I have sketches made during some of my trials. My favorite was done during the Westmoreland v. CBS Trial. I like it because I was younger then and look it.” David Boies

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